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A blackmailed clerk helps her master in a business venture 

Peggy was a beautiful young woman working her way through college but she was also desperately broke. In an attempt to keep the creditors at bay she devised a scheme to forge checks and it worked... until she got caught. 

Now she is at the mercy of a man she doesn't know and being blackmailed into helping in a scheme of his own. Will he push her too far? Or will he really need to push her at all... 

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Comments for Blackmailed Forger

2012-03-30 20:46:10
I absolutely love this story!!
2011-11-26 15:30:04
Loved it! Continue writing, please!
Anonymous reader
2011-10-05 23:31:04
I have never been one for domination satirize. But you actually made a SEX STORY. It was perfect with just the right amount of sex. Most people either have sex through the whole story or one sex part in a really long story. This had the perfect balance. Thank you
Anonymous reader
2011-09-10 16:57:16
Very well done. Along with the sex, you wrote a real STORY.
Anonymous reader
2011-08-12 01:16:03
This was an amazing story. I like that it built up to the sex. It had more to it than meet, f***, and done. Well done. Keep going. Spectacular job!!