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I have been writing different genres of erotic stories for many years. Some of the sites I published on in the late 1990's are gone now but some are still around and more popular than ever.

Many people have asked why I would develop a site when I usually post my stories for free. It all began when an issue arose after Owning a Dominant Bitch was released.

Less than a week after I released the complete story it was stolen and published by a thief as an e-book under a fake name. I was so upset when I found out I refused to publish anything else for a while.

During this time, I was approached by three different publishers but I wanted to be able to offer my stories for free and get the feedback at the source rather than a contrived 'expert' analysis and review.

My solution was to offer two versions of my stories. One would be the basic story that I will continue to publish on free sites and the others you will find here.

The stories on my website are illustrated and some have extended storylines. There is a small cost involved to protect these stories with ISBN numbers and to guarantee that no one will be able to steal my work again.

I make sure the price stays extremely low, only enough to cover the expenses for the site, professional editing, the ISBN registration, and the illustrations (by some very talented artists).

I hope to continue this way for a while and see if the concept works. I will be packaging some of the stories together and discounting them to make it even more affordable since I'm more interested in protecting my work than making a buck.

If you liked a story, please email me with feedback. Actually, if you didn't like a story, still email me with feedback as I appreciate constructive criticism.

Enjoy the site,